We welcome you to join us in worship this Sunday!
Morning Worship: 10:00AM        Afternoon Worship: 12:00PM
Our worship services center around the preaching of God's Word.  We include in our services the elements of worship that God requires of us in his Word:  singing of Psalms and hymns, corporate confession, prayer, offerings, preaching and a celebration of the sacraments. Our order of worship follows this outline:

Pre-service Songs, Call to Worship, Silent Prayer of Preparation, Votum and Salutation, Opening Hymn, Law of God (AM) / Apostles’ Creed (PM), Hymn of Response, Congregational Prayer, Hymn of Preparation, Bible Reading, Sermon, Prayer of Application, Hymn of Thanks, Offering, Doxology, Benediction


Babysitting is available for both services.

Guests and members are invited to stay for coffee each week after the morning service for a time of fellowship.